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I collect stamps and old postcards with and without stamps from Japan. The cards are from different places or with persons and scenes.

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AnkerNielsen, Director

International Society for Japanese Philately – ISJP

Articles in Japanese Philately

The reorganization of the Japanese Post and a new type of cancellation in the years 2007 to 2012, 69/18-21

Japanese revenue stamps from 1872-1900, 69/113,116-125


OSAKYOswordguard cancel, 69/170

A new variation of roman-letter swordguard postmarks with medium-thick chords, 69/286-294

OSAKYO swordguard cancel - Identified as a fake, 69/360-361


JapaneseAlmanac from Meiji 17 (1884), 70/4-5

Swordguards with Medium thick Chords, 70/132-135

Roman-letter Combs used for Administrative Purposes on Money Orders and Postal Articles to Japan 70/176-182


Book review: 2015 Thematic Japan Stamp Catalogue - vol 1 Flower stamps 71/36-37

New find: TOKIO "Double-Circle" type of a Medium-Sized, Single Circle Cancellation with a 2-digit year 71/94-97

Postal Meters from Post Offices in Japan  71/122-127

Single-Circle Cancellation Variant – Month in Roman Numerals with Serif 71/187-189

First-Day Scenic and Swordguard Cancellations on National Park Issues 71/232-270

Changes in postmarks to foreign countries from Arakawa Ward in Tokyo 71/310-315


Book review: 2016 Thematic Japan Stamp Catalogue - vol 2 World Heritage and Scenery 72/45-46

Types of postal meter designs used in Japan from 1950 until today 72/177-187

Monument for Dead Letters - Update 72/192

Establishment of Japan-Denmark Diplomatic Relations: 150th Anniversary (With Ron Casey) 72/217-219

Cash registration from 1951 to today 72/228-237

Anker Nielsen, Formand

Skandinavisk Forening for Japansk Filateli - SSJP

Artikler i Nippon Kitte Nyt

Forårsrejse med kirsebærblomster, no 69/3-6

Rejse til Nordjapan i efterårsfarver, no 81/2-4

Det japanske postvæsens organisering og en ny type stempler, 2007-12, No 109/4-6

De tidlige japanske stempelmærker, no 111/2-7

Etiketter fra japanske posthuses frankeringsmaskiner no 121/3-6

Frimærker med ægte eller falske stempler på postkort no 121/7

Særstempel fra Hakodate no 121/7-8

Shinkansen højhastighedstog på frimærker 122/4-5

Transportruter for post fra Japan I perioden 1895 til 1910 122/5-7

Landskabsstempler 123/2-4

Swordguards og landskabsstempler på nationalparkudgavernes førstedagskuverter 123/4-8

Ny type ringstempler med måned skrevet med serif 123/8

Frimærker fra japanske verdensarvsområder (World Heritage) 124/2-8

Nye japanske frimærkekataloger 124/8

Sumobrydning 125/2-6

Historien bag et brev fra Japan 125/6-8

Japan i April 126/6-7


This is a postcard with two Maruichi-in postmarks on the card. The top line in the postmark is the name of the province. The second line is the name of the town. Under the divider is the information on year, month, day and time used.

card.jpg (40128 bytes)

Send from: Okayama in Bizen province 11 Oct. Meiji 21 (1888) time 2 to: Kyoto in Yamashiro province 12 Oct. Meiji 21 time 2

k001.jpg (33108 bytes)

Send from: Kanazawa in Kaga province 20 Sep. Meiji 21 (1888) time 5 to: Tokyo in Musashi province 20 Sep. Meiji 21 time 9.



I also collect swordguard postmarks used on mail send from Japan to foreign countries from 1952 to around 1990. It was only used on some post offices 3000? and in some cases is only used for a short period. If you want to know more about these see the images below and get more information from ISJP, where I keep list of known post offices..

atsubetsu.jpg (7964 bytes)

yuwa.jpg (11915 bytes)

Atsubetsu in Hokkaido province
1 august 1980
This is the latest date found.
Yuwa in Akita province
11 October 1983
This is the first found from the town

nagoya_ts.jpg (11713 bytes)

izuhara.jpg (11259 bytes)

Nagoya - heavy lines for main post offices for foreign mail
15 march 1963
Izuhara in Nagasaki province
first day cancel (pigeon)
25 February 1970 only day used!!

mizusawa_news.jpg (8792 bytes)

himeji_sh.jpg (18128 bytes)

Mizusawa in Iwate province
9 January 1996
the postmark type used today
Himeji in Hyogo province
11 December 1989
Small swordguard postmark

scenic1s.jpg (17126 bytes)

Scenic cancellation also used today from Mizusawa in Iwate province
9 January year 8 Heisei (1996) only Japanese text. Many places has these cancellations showing local subjects. Interesting for Thematic Philately.


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