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Visit of the Russian Crown Prince (later Tsar Nicolas II) to Japan in 1891

The Crown prince made a visit to Kagoshima, Nagasaki and Kobe. From Kobe he vent to Kyotto. He was attacked by a  policeman near Otsu. Read more here

 This is an invitation for the visit I Nagasaki. The cancel is Nagasaki Meiji 24 (1891) month 4 day 29. It is send internal  without any adress. Propably written in Japanses below name

Then the interesting thing is who was  Mr Mossis and the other members of the comitee.

That can be found if you go to the WEb-site Meiji Portrait by Bernd Lepech

John Sutherland Massie (British) was a native of Aberdeen, ScotlandI born n 1872. He established the International Hotel at No. 6 Umegasaki, which he ran until his retirement about 1895.

The reception comitte:

Frederick Ringer was born at Norwich in 1838. In 1868 Ringer established the trading firm Holme, Ringer & Co later Ringer & Co.. The firm had extensive trade with Russia.

Rodney H. Powers of Williamsburg, New York was born in 1836. in 1877 established his own  store -- R.H. Powers and Co.

Herman Iwersen was born in Holstein, Germany 1844. At some point during Hermann's stay in Nagasaki, he received the order of St. Stanislaus from the Russian government. In addition to his work as German Consul, Hermann also served as Dutch Consul from 1889

Henry B. Haskell (British) [shipping clerk, Takashima Colliery]

H. Meier (Danish) [electrician, Great Northern Telegraph Co.].Nagasaki was an important hub for telegraph cables to China and Vladivostok. Great Northern had telegraph lines trough Russia to Europe.

Card to Boehmer in Yokohama

Louis Boehmer (1843-1896). He arrived in Yokohama in 1872. Was Agronom and a consult for the Meiji gouvernment in Tokyo and in Hokkaido. He opened his own plant nursery in 1882. He exported Japanese Plants. He left Japan in October 1894. The postcard with information from a music store was send 12/9 Meiji 27(1894). So it is possible the Boehmer saw the card.

More can be found ion Boehmer if you go to the WEb-site Meiji Portrait by Bernd Lepech

This ia an advertisement from the firm in Murrays book 1903

We can continue with a letter send from L. Boehmer To Tokyo to Dr. Grassmann in Komaba , Tokyo

The letter was send Meiji 24 (1891)  11 month 20 day.

Eustein Grassmann signed a contract with the Japanese government, Ministry of Education, to teach as professor of forestry at the College of Agriculture and Forestry in Tokyo Komaba. 
At the same time he was also employed as an advisor on forestry matters in various prefectures.

He arrived in Japan together with his wife; his 3-year-contract started on November 11, 1887 and ended on November 10, 1890. The contract was extended several times and expired finally on July 31, 1895. From this it is clear that both men had in interest in plant and forestry.

This is a postcard to Dr grasmann in Komata  from the German Society of Nature and Etnograpy. in 1893

More can be found ion Grasmann if you go to the WEb-site Meiji Portrait by Bernd Lepech

I have 1 ltetter and two postcard also send to Dr. Grasmann

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