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Anker Nielsens photos from travel to Japan 1997-2015

Japans regions is listed from north to south

Photos go to regions or look in the list of subjects (each region has its own list that also include shrines and temples):

Castles (selected)

Gardens (selected places)



When you visit a shrine or a temple you can get a seal (Ofuda) in a book as a memory of your visit. Get it at Nokyosho.

Here is some examples else you can find is with the pictures at the shrine or temple

Cherry blossoms (selected places)

Autumn colors (selected places)



Dakigaeri gor. Kakunadate
Hakkoda-san Tohoku
Oirase gor. Tohoku
Towada-ko Tohoku
Tsuta Onsen Tohoku


Temples (see regions)

Shrines (see regions)

Nature (see regions)

Here is a list of all places, that I have photos from in Japan.

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